5 Undervalued Cryptos – Coins to Watch in 2018

2017 was an excellent year for crypto currency and some predict that 2018 could be an equally profitable year for traders. While it is true that there are many legitimate coins that will perform amazingly this year, there is an overwhelming number of scams and copycat projects hoping to rip off investors.

We’ve created a list of 5 promising, low market cap coins that you should watch throughout 2018. Each of these coins are unique and like most other cryptocurrency projects, they hope to make their mark by either improving a current technology or introducing a unique and new product that the world has never seen before.

This list will include a brief description of each project. It is up to you to research each project and make your own financial decisions.

Below is my top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch for 2018:

1. Mothership (MSP) – A token built on the Ethereum (ERC-20) network. According to Mothership.cx, “Mothership is a groundbreaking digital asset exchange, crypto currency trading platform and EU token marketplace changing the game with its unparalleled security features, integration with digital signatures and eResidency.”

To make it simple, the main goal of MSP is to function as a platform for the creation and development of crypto related businesses.

For more about Mothership you can check out their page here.

2. Publica (PBL) – Another ERC-20 Token. Publica is aiming to redefine the relationship between authors and readers by cutting out the middleman and giving authors or their agents direct control over the publishing process.

Publica allows readers to purchases books directly as either E-books or hard copy through a print-on-demand (POD) service. Publica also introduces other concepts such as decentralized storage via blockchain to prevent tampering and censorship.

For more about Publica you can check out their page here.

3. COSS (COSS) – An ERC-20 token built to compliment the COSS exchange. The COSS token functions as a dividends/revenue generation token.

Much like other dividend cryptos, COSS rewards it’s holders regularly with a portion of the trading fees charged to traders on the COSS exchange. The total amount rewarded each payout is based off of the total number of COSS held.

For more about COSS you can check out their page here.

4. Pirl (PIRL) – A truly ambitious project, with no ICO and no pre-mine. PIRL is a completely community funded project. Pirl states, “Pirl is a community built crypto currency with Masternodes & a decentralized marketplace platform where users can buy and sell their goods and services in a safe and automated way.”

At this time there is currently no published white paper for PIRL, which would normally deter me from considering a project at all, but the potential for PIRL is so huge that we will be watching the project closely throughout 2018.

For more about Pirl, you can check out their page here.

5. Unify (UNIFY) – Launched in June 2017, the Unify coin is designed to allow users to participate in the crowd funding of projects on the UNIFY platform, and can be used to as currency for the upcoming UNIFY exchange.

With a current market cap under 5 million, UNIFY is truly an undervalued project, if it succeeds it could provide huge returns for any investor.

For more about Unify you can check out their page here.

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