More Than 1 Million Crypto Users Registered on Robinhood Exchange Since Announcement

 Less than a week ago, we updated you on Robinhood’s announcement on their new zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange. Since their time of announcement, a surge of over 1 million new users registered!

Robinhood’s registration set up is not a quick and easy task compared to other exchanges, as they require you to input your SSN, demographics, and banking information. Therefore, it appears that many are eager to get in position for when it launches.

Sign up for Robinhood here.


Co-founder of Robinhood expresses in one’s previous interview, “Crypto is going to change the world and we want to help drive that.”

The success that Robinhood had previously with their stock exchange, makes it very promising for a bright future with its up-coming crypto exchange.

Little is known about the upcoming launch other than that it is scheduled for February 2018-stating, “Robinhood Crypto will initially be available to customers in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire. We plan to add support for more states soon.”

At this time they offer tracking of 16 crypto currencies, listed below.

You can sign up for Robinhood Crypto here.

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View the official announcement page here.

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