Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2018 – Best Sites to Trade Cryptos

Where can I buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

What exchanges are the easiest to use?

Here is our list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges of 2018.


#1 Kucoin

This exchange exploded onto the scene in 2017. It has one of the most userfriendly trading interfaces, and a very simple account set up process. While consistently adding new coins to the exchange, it makes a perfect exchange for those hoping to get into trading quickly while still having relative ease of use. Kucoin frequently offers promotions and bonuses to entice traders.

Sign up link – Kucoin Sign Up

#2 Coinbase

The preeminent exchange for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum purchases. Coinbase is one of the longest running and most trafficked exchanges, it is one of the simplest exchanges to use, making it a perfect choice for entry level investors.

Sign up link – Coinbase Sign up

#3 Binance

Based out of China, Binance is one of the largest exchanges in service today, accounting for nearly 10 billion USD worth of trading per day. Binance is recommended to those who’ve already taken the time learn the basics of crypto trading, as it can be a bit overwhelming for those who are inexperienced.

Sign up link – Binance Sign Up

#4 Cryptopia

Based out of New Zealand, Cryptopia is an underdog in the crypto community due to its lackluster marketing and primitive UI, however it makes up for these shortcomings with it’s simple, no verification required registration process and substantial volume of coins available. The greatest feature of Cryptopia however, is the speed at which new coins become available on it’s exchange, making it easy to purchase up-and-coming coins before they become mainstream.

Sign up link – Cryptopia Sign Up

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